Violetta Sulżyc-Bielicka

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Identifying targets for personalized targeted therapy is the pathologist's domain and a treasure. For decades, pathologists have had to learn, understand, adopt and implement many new laboratory techniques as they arrived on the scene. Pathologists successfully integrate the results of those tests into final pathology reports that were, and still are, the(More)
PURPOSE We aimed to study the intracellular expression of 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX), the primary competitor with cyclooxygenase-2 in arachidonic acid metabolism, as inflammatory enzymes may be involved in blocking apoptosis and promoting cancer growth by changing arachidonic acid metabolism within cells. Our purpose was to investigate the possible connection(More)
We still do not know whether the presently used protocol of the first-line palliative treatment of disseminated colorectal cancer (FOLFOX/FOLFIRI protocol) allows maximization of therapeutic response and minimization of side effects. No-one has verified whether continuation of the first-line chemotherapy despite the lack of progression is reflected by(More)
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