Violetta S Pogosyan

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The city of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, has been one of the heavily polluted cities since the earlier USSR era. A Chloroprene Rubber Industrial Plant has been the major contributor of air pollution in this city. The first attempt has been undertaken to detect the mutagenic effect of the ambient air around this industrial complex using the(More)
The genotoxicity of ground water from four bore-holes of different depths (40-120m) in the Ararat valley (Armenia) used both for drinking and irrigation was investigated. The frequency of recessive somatic mutations was determined using the Tradescantia-stamen-hair-mutation (Trad-SHM) test. The Tradescantia clone 02 was used. The pink mutation events (PMEs)(More)
The use of wake field acceleration basically is aimed to obtaining of high acceleration rate in comparison with traditional methods of acceleration. Meantime in the last years in YerPhI it was offered to use wake field acceleration for acceleration of high-current electron bunches on energy about 100 MeV. Experimental installation for research of formation(More)
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