Violeta N. Ivanova

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Exposure to the antiepileptic drug valproic acid (VPA) during gestation causes neurofunctional and anatomic deficits in later life. At present, there are little human data on how early neural development is affected by chemicals. We used human embryonic stem cells, differentiating to neuroectodermal precursors, as a model to investigate the modes of action(More)
Epigenetic changes, including histone modifications or chromatin remodeling are regulated by a large number of human genes. We developed a strategy to study the coordinate regulation of such genes, and to compare different cell populations or tissues. A set of 150 genes, comprising different classes of epigenetic modifiers was compiled. This new tool was(More)
The superordinate principles governing the transcriptome response of differentiating cells exposed to drugs are still unclear. Often, it is assumed that toxicogenomics data reflect the immediate mode of action (MoA) of drugs. Alternatively, transcriptome changes could describe altered differentiation states as indirect consequence of drug exposure. We used(More)
Despite an abundance of studies on chromatin states and dynamics, there is an astonishing dearth of information on the expression of genes responsible for regulating histone and DNA modifications. We used here a set of 156 defined epigenetic modifier genes (EMG) and profiled their expression pattern in cells of different lineages. As reference value,(More)
Summary form only given. In this talk the author will discuss how parallel and/or distributed compute resources can be used differently: instead of focusing on speeding up algorithms, we propose to focus on improving accuracy. In a nutshell, the goal is to tune data mining algorithms to produce better results in the same time rather than producing similar(More)
This paper follows our earlier publication [1], where we introduced the idea of tuned data mining which draws on parallel resources to improve model accuracy rather than the usual focus on speed-up. In this paper we present a more in-depth analysis of the concept of Widened Data Mining, which aims at reducing the impact of greedy heuristics by exploring(More)