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Kisspeptins, ligands of the receptor, Gpr54, are potent stimulators of puberty and fertility. Yet, whether direct kisspeptin actions on GnRH neurons are sufficient for the whole repertoire of their reproductive effects remains debatable. To dissect out direct vs. indirect effects of kisspeptins on GnRH neurons in vivo, we report herein the detailed(More)
The reproductive impact of persistent energy excess in the female remains incompletely defined, yet the escalating prevalence of obesity calls for better understanding of this phenomenon. Also along this line, the influence of ovarian hormones on the pathophysiology of obesity and its comorbidities merits further investigation. We study here the metabolic(More)
Puberty is a key developmental event whose primary regulatory mechanisms remain poorly understood. Precise dating of puberty is crucial for experimental (preclinical) studies on its complex neuroendocrine controlling networks. In female laboratory rodents, external signs of puberty, such as vaginal opening (VO) and epithelial cell cornification (i.e., first(More)
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