Violet F. Leavers

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A new algorithm for the Hough transform is presented. It uses information available in the distribution of image points to calculate the parameters associated with combinations of the minimum number of points necessary to define an instance of the shape under detection. The method requires only one dimensional accumulation of evidence to determine the(More)
The perception and representation of shape plays a prominent role in computer vision research. Vision alone cannot deliver computationally realistic descriptions of shape; the image must first be processed to extract symbolic representations of the sort computers can manipulate. The present work evaluates the use of the Radon transform as a means whereby(More)
The Radon transformations of generalized functions concentrated on lines and curves are deduced using a geometric approach and a limiting process. It is shown that any curve may be replaced by its tangents for the purposes of transformation and that each tangent will produce a maximum value in transform space which may be located using a one dimensional(More)