Viola Volpato

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We present a novel ab initio predictor of protein enzymatic class. The predictor can classify proteins, solely based on their sequences, into one of six classes extracted from the enzyme commission (EC) classification scheme and is trained on a large, curated database of over 6,000 non-redundant proteins which we have assembled in this work. The predictor(More)
BACKGROUND The selection of relevant genes for sample classification is a common task in many gene expression studies. Although a number of tools have been developed to identify optimal gene expression signatures, they often generate gene lists that are too long to be exploited clinically. Consequently, researchers in the field try to identify the smallest(More)
The prediction of protein subcellular localization is a important step towards the prediction of protein function, and considerable effort has gone over the last decade into the development of computational predictors of protein localization. In this article we design a new predictor of protein subcellular localization, based on a Machine Learning model(More)
Intrinsically-disordered regions lack a well-defined 3D structure, but play key roles in determining the function of many proteins. Although predictors of disorder have been shown to achieve relatively high rates of correct classification of these segments, improvements over the the years have been slow, and accurate methods are needed that are capable of(More)
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