Viola Verga

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In order to obtain a genomic clone of Zfy-1 from a Y chromosome of Mus musculus domesticus (YDOM) origin, we cloned size-fractionated SJL/J DNA in EMBL-4 and selected colonies which hybridized to pDP1007, a human zinc finger Y clone. The specificity of the clone in hybridizations to mouse and human DNA and partial sequencing confirmed that the clone(More)
The serine/threonine kinase GSK-3β was initially described as a key enzyme involved in glucose metabolism, but it is now known to regulate a wide range of biological processes, including proliferation and apoptosis. We previously reported a transformation-dependent cell death induced by glucose limitation in K-ras-transformed NIH3T3. To address the(More)
Inter-alpha-inhibitor (I alpha I) and related molecules in human are comprised of three evolutionarily related, heavy (H) chains and one light (L) chain, also termed bikunin. The latter originates from a precursor molecule that is cleaved to yield the bikunin and another protein designated alpha-1-microglobulin (A1m). The four H and L chains are encoded by(More)
Menkes syndrome is a rare X-linked recessive disorder characterized by an inability to metabolize copper. A female patient with both this disease and an X; autosome translocation with karyotype 46,X,t(X;2)(q13;q32.2) has previously been described. The translocation breakpoint in Xq13 coincides with a previous assignment of the Menkes gene at Xq13 by linkage(More)
Using reverse genetics, a candidate for the sex determining gene from the Y chromosome has recently been cloned. We have used a DNA probe from this gene to assess the presence of this crucial region of the Y chromosome in patients with sexual ambiguity or gonadal dysgenesis. The DNA from 3 cases of gonadal dysgenesis, one complicated by somatic anomalies(More)