Vinzenz H. Schönfelder

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In this work we introduce a new algorithm to correct the imaging artefacts in the EEG signal measured during fMRI acquisition. The correction techniques proposed so far cannot optimally represent transitions, i.e. when abrupt changes of the artefact properties due to head movements occur. The algorithm developed here takes the head movement parameters from(More)
The classical psychophysical paradigm of narrow-band tone-in-noise (TiN) detection has been under investigation for more than 70 years, yet no conclusive answer has been given as to which auditory stimulus features listeners rely on. Here, individual observer models were fit to a large trial-by-trial behavioral data set using a modern statistical analysis(More)
As a prerequisite to quantitative psychophysical models of sensory processing it is necessary to learn to what extent decisions in behavioral tasks depend on specific stimulus features, the perceptual cues. Based on relative linear combination weights, this study demonstrates how stimulus-response data can be analyzed in this regard relying on an(More)
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