Vinoth V Prabhu

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BACKGROUND The present study investigates the cardioprotective effects of Hibiscus rosa sinensis in myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury, particularly in terms of its antioxidant effects. METHODS The medicinal values of the flowers of Hibiscus rosa sinensis (Chinese rose) have been mentioned in ancient literature as useful in disorders of the heart.(More)
Angiogenesis represents an excellent therapeutic target for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is a potent physiological process that underlies the natural manner in which our bodies respond to a diminution of blood supply to vital organs, namely the production of new collateral vessels to overcome the ischemic state. This present study is aimed(More)
This case report outlines a very rare case of losartan-induced severe hyponatremia in a 73-year-old type 2 diabetic patient. The patient was initiated with 50 mg daily oral losartan monotherapy for newly diagnosed moderate hypertension. After 3.5 months of taking the drug, he presented to the emergency department in a drowsy state with severe generalized(More)
Context There have not been any conclusive studies of the effects of diosmin, a modified flavanone glycoside obtained from Teucrium gnaphalodes L'Her (Lamiaceae), on urolithiasis. Objective To evaluate anti-urolithiatic effects of diosmin in ammonium chloride and ethylene glycol-induced renal stone in experimental animals. Materials and methods Thirty(More)
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