Vinodh Gopal

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Intel continues to provide leadership in developing instruction-set extensions with the recently released ISA support for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This paper presents the excellent performance of the AES algorithm on the Intel® CoreTM i7 Processor Extreme Edition, i7-980X, using the AES New Instructions (AES-NI). Performance results for(More)
In this paper, we investigate a hybrid network coding technique to be used at a wireless base station (BS) or access point (AP) to increase the throughput efficiency of single-hop wireless networks. Traditionally, to provide reliability, lost packets from different flows (applications) are retransmitted separately, leading to inefficient use of wireless(More)
The need for lossless data compression has grown significantly as the amount of data collected, transmitted, and stored has exploded in recent years. Enterprise applications and storage, such as web servers and databases, are processing this data and the computational burden associated with compression puts a strain on resources. To help alleviate the(More)
It is widely acknowledged that efficient modular multiplication is a key to high-performance implementation of public-key cryptography, be it classical RSA, Diffie-Hellman, or (hyper-) elliptic curve algorithms. In the recent decade, practitioners have relied mainly on two popular methods: Montgomery Multiplication and regular long-integer multiplication in(More)
Modular exponentiation is an important operation which requires a vast amount of computations. Therefore, it is crucial to build fast exponentiation schemes. Since Cache and data-dependent branching behavior can alter the runtime of an algorithm significantly, it is also important to build an exponentiation scheme with constant run-time. However, such(More)
There is a critical need for lossless data compression in enterprise storage and applications such as databases and web servers, which process huge amounts of data. DEFLATE is a widely used standard to perform lossless compression, and forms the basis of utilities such as gzip and libraries such as Zlib. In these applications, compression imposes a large(More)
Cryptographic applications often run more than one independent algorithm such as encryption and authentication. This fact provides a high level of parallelism which can be exploited by software and converted into instruction level parallelism to improve overall performance on modern super-scalar processors. We present fast and efficient methods of computing(More)
Executive Summary Galois-Counter-Mode (GCM) is a block cipher mode of operation that uses universal hashing over a binary Galois field to provide authenticated encryption. Galois Hash is used for authentication, and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) block cipher is used for encryption in counter mode of operation. This paper describes an optimized(More)