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BACKGROUND Novel treatment strategies are required to reduce the development of acute kidney injury (AKI) in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. In this respect, remote ischemic preconditioning (RIPC), a phenomenon in which transient nonlethal ischemia applied to an organ or tissue protects another organ or tissue from subsequent lethal ischemic injury, is(More)
BACKGROUND Whether remote ischaemic preconditioning, an intervention in which brief ischaemia of one tissue or organ protects remote organs from a sustained episode of ischaemia, is beneficial for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery is unknown. We did a single-blinded randomised controlled study to establish whether remote ischaemic(More)
AIMS The Impella is a percutaneous ventricular assist device. The majority of published data describes the 2.5L and 5.0L devices, and little data is available for the newer 3.8L device. We examined the indications and outcomes from our single-centre "real-world" registry at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK, using all three pump sizes. METHODS(More)
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