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Software oriented techniques to hide memory latency in superscalar and superpipe2ined machines include loop unrolling, software pipelining, and software cache prefetching. Issuing the data fetch request prior to actual need for data allows overlap of accessing with useful computations. Loop unrolling and software pipelining do not necessitate(More)
Anticipating a continuing increase in the number of structures solved by molecular replacement in high-throughput crystallography and drug-discovery programs, a user-friendly web service for automated molecular replacement, map improvement, bias removal and real-space correlation structure validation has been implemented. The service is based on an(More)
Information on the behavior of programs is essential for deciding the number and nature of functional units in high performance architectures. In this paper, we present studies on the balance of access and computation tasks on a typical RISC architecture, the MIPS. The MIPS programs are analyzed to nd the demands they place on the memory system and the(More)
Virtualization is a vital part of computing today. Rollback is an important feature to be supported by virtualization. However, hackers leverage rollback and pose serious security threats to systems running in a virtualized environment. The aim of this paper is to identify such security threats and propose a comprehensive solution. In this paper, we propose(More)
When transitioning to Model-Based Design for embedded systems development, it is essential to consider an overall plan spanning people, development processes, and tools. A common sense approach when beginning any process improvement activity is to first identify the problem to be solved and then develop a plan to implement the solution. When transitioning(More)
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