Vinod Ramachandran

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—Femtocells are low-cost, miniature base-stations intended to improve indoor coverage in 3G networks and beyond. One of the main issues in adopting femtocells en masse is the surge in interference to the mobile users served by the macrocell arising from unplanned networks and private access. Therefore, distributed power control mechanisms for femtocells are(More)
Multi-tiered enterprise applications, which comprise of many (heterogeneous and possibly loosely coupled) components at various layers of the IT stack, typically have configuration dependencies between these different components. A change in the value of a configuration parameter of a component may require changing one or more parameters of other components(More)
In this paper, we analyze the throughput and delay for the messages sent on Enhanced Access Channel (EACH) in High Rate Packet Data (HRPD) revision A through extensive simulations. We also provide an analytical model and the corresponding throughput equations to validate the simulation results. The analysis predicts that the capacity is directly tied to the(More)
The mathematical modelling of EEG signals of epileptic seizures presents a challenge as seizure data is erratic, often with no visible trend. Limitations in existing models indicate a need for a generalized model that can be used to analyze seizures without the need for apriori information, whilst minimizing the loss of signal data due to smoothing. This(More)
Today's routing infrastructure is built using special purpose hardware due to the demand for very high through-put. With the growth of hardware techniques, satisfying this huge demand is made possible. However the down-side of this hardware based architecture is that upgra-dation is very rare due to high costs and extensibility is limited which heavily(More)