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v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS There are so many people who helped me complete this thesis, it becomes nearly impossible for me to enlist everyone's name and contributions in a single paragraph. Special thanks to my family, specially my mom and dad and my elder brother Rajib, for being part of every bit of my life: their endless motivations, constant mental support and(More)
This document is dedicated to my parents who persuaded me to do my masters' and funded my education. iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who, directly or indirectly, helped me complete this thesis. First, I would like to thank my committee chair, Dr. Debra Harris, for all the encouragement and guidance rendered to me(More)
Current cellular telephone system is vulnerable to various attacks. With more complicated equipments, it is possible to receive the ESN and PIN of legal user and use them to commit cellular telephone frauds. Generally, the frauds can be classified into three: subscription fraud, technical fraud, and internal fraud. This paper analyses the frauds in cellular(More)
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