Vinod Patil

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The accidental overdose of local anesthetics may prove fatal. The commonly used amide local anesthetics have varying adverse effects on the myocardium, and beyond a certain dose all are capable of causing death. Local anesthetics are the most frequently used drugs amongst anesthetists and although uncommon, local anaesthetic systemic toxicity accounts for a(More)
BACKGROUND For years, undivided attention during the presurgical "timeout" has been utilized as a precaution to ensure patient safety. The information relayed during the timeout is presented in a confirmatory nature rather than a delegation of new information. However, it is a standard of practice in which all members of the operating theater provide their(More)
Now a day billions of people use mobile phones in their daily activities, and sometimes, those<lb>activities might be criminal in nature. The remarkable advancements in the technology and<lb>increase in computing power of these devices over the last few years, has led to an increase of<lb>their functionality while keeping the size of such devices small(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The purpose of this study is to outline the challenges of looking after women who either become or are at a risk of becoming critically ill during pregnancy. RECENT FINDINGS In recent years, there has been an increased demand in the need for maternal critical care. This is partly due to women with complex medical conditions surviving to(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This review outlines the challenges in looking after pregnant women with thromboembolism and sepsis who either become or are at risk of becoming critically ill during pregnancy. RECENT FINDINGS The Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance systems in both the USA and UK record the most common causes of maternal death as thromboembolism and(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The current review outlines the challenges in managing pregnant women with sickle-cell anemia, who are at risk of becoming critically ill during pregnancy. RECENT FINDINGS Sickle obstetric patients pose unique challenges to the anesthetist and intensivist. We discuss the role of prophylactic transfusions for specific indications like(More)