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In recent years, the chaos based cryptographic algorithms have suggested some new and efficient ways to develop secure image encryption techniques. In this communication, we propose a new approach for image encryption based on chaotic logistic maps in order to meet the requirements of the secure image transfer. In the proposed image encryption scheme, an(More)
During last one and half decade an interesting relationship between chaos and cryptography has been developed, according to which many properties of chaotic systems such as: ergodicity, sensitivity to initial conditions/system parameters, mixing property, deterministic dynamics and structural complexity can be considered analogous to the confusion,(More)
Chaotic systems have many interesting features such as sensitivity on initial condition and system parameter, er-godicity and mixing properties. In this paper, we exploit these interesting properties of chaotic systems to design a random bit generator, called CCCBG, in which two chaotic systems are cross-coupled with each other. To evaluate the randomness(More)
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