Vinod P Veedu

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Traditional fibre-reinforced composite materials with excellent in-plane properties fare poorly when out-of-plane through-thickness properties are important. Composite architectures with fibres designed orthogonal to the two-dimensional (2D) layout in traditional composites could alleviate this weakness in the transverse direction, but all of the efforts so(More)
Brushes are common tools for use in industry and our daily life, performing a variety of tasks such as cleaning, scraping, applying and electrical contacts. Typical materials for constructing brush bristles include animal hairs, synthetic polymer fibres and metal wires (see, for example, ref. 1). The performance of these bristles has been limited by the(More)
Carbon nanotubes are one of the best candidates for applications where structural, thermal, and chemical stabilities are of great importance. Despite the fact that significant efforts have been devoted to study properties and behavior of the carbon nanotubes in recent years, there have not been sufficient results available on their thermoelastic properties.(More)
The potential use of individual carbon nanotubes as nano devices warrants detailed investigation of their mechanical behavior based on structural and geometrical configurations. The objective of this paper is to unravel the structural and chirality dependence of the axial Young's modulus of a carbon single-walled nanotube by analytical and numerical(More)
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