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The Environment and Well-Being in Urban China
It is found that in cities with high levels of atmospheric pollution, environmental disasters and traffic congestion Chinese citizens report significantly lower levels of well-being ceteris paribus while in towns and cities with greater access to parkland Chinese Citizens report significantly higher levels ofWell-being Ceteris Paribus. Expand
Female labor force participation and total fertility rates in the OECD: New evidence from panel cointegration and Granger causality testing
This article examines the relationship between the female labor force participation rate and the total fertility rate for 28 OECD countries using panel unit root, panel cointegration, GrangerExpand
An examination of the impact of India's performance in one-day cricket internationals on the Indian stock market
This study examines the impact of the Indian cricket team's performance in one day international cricket matches on returns on the Indian stock market. The main conclusion of the study is that thereExpand
The energy-GDP nexus: Evidence from a panel of Pacific Island countries
The Pacific Island countries are small island economies that are increasingly dependent on energy for growth and development, yet highly susceptible to climate change. Thus, the relationship betweenExpand
Estimating money demand functions for South Asian countries
In this paper, we estimate a money demand function for a panel of five South Asian countries. We find that the money demand and its determinants, namely real income, real exchange rate and short-termExpand
Are fluctuations in energy consumption per capita transitory? Evidence from a panel of Pacific Island countries
This study applies the panel stationarity test developed by [Carrion-i-Silvestre et al 2005. Breaking the panels: An application to GDP per capita. Econometrics Journal 8, 159-175] to examine theExpand
Stock market development and economic growth: Empirical evidence from China
The interplay between the stock market and the real economy is crucial in the various channels through which financial markets drive economic growth. In the current study, we investigate the effectsExpand
Academic inbreeding and research productivity and impact in Australian law schools
It is found that there is no statistically significant difference between the research productivity and impact of inbred and non-inbred faculty. Expand
Trust, Social Networks and Subjective Wellbeing in China
Using data from the World Values Survey, this study examines the associations among trust, social networks and subjective wellbeing in China. We address the endogenous nature of trust and socialExpand
Returns to education in China: a meta-analysis
ABSTRACT Within labour economics, returns to education is an area of focused research. Moreover, amongst studies looking at emerging economies, China is the most widely studied economy. While thereExpand