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In the paper, a novel HVDC transmission system operating with weak ac system has been modeled with speed and precision & analyses the control strategy & performance of system, which is controlled using fuzzy. The system can feed a weak or even dead network under fluctuations and big variations of the input power. The fuzzy logic-based control of the system(More)
This paper studies the performance of MPLS networks with TE signal protocols in relation with voice codecs. Simulation were performed and compared for a multisite network with PCM and GSM based VoIP. Simulation results show that the MPLS network with CR-LDP TE signal protocol outperforms the MPLS network with RSVP TE signal protocol in terms of both the(More)
The gain of SVC depends upon the type of reactive power load for optimum performance. As the load and input wind power conditions are variable, the gain setting of SVC needs to be adjusted or tuned. In this paper, an ANN based approach has been used to tune the gain parameters of the SVC controller over a wide range of load characteristics. The multi-layer(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm is implemented to solve optimal placement of capacitors in radial distribution systems in two ways that is, optimal placement of fixed or Discrete size of capacitor banks (Variable Locations Discrete sizing Capacitor banks-VLDC) and optimal sizing and placement of capacitors (Variable Locations Continues sizing of(More)
Power grid is an important element of the cyber physical systems. Attacks on such infrastructure may have catastrophic impact and hence the mitigation solutions for the attacks are necessary. It is impractical to test attacks and mitigation strategies on real networks. A testbed as a platform bridges the cyber-physical divide by bringing in the physical(More)
The current work proposes a methodology for recognition of flags of the countries of the world from their digital images. Statistical features extracted from the color channels are combined together to generate the feature vector for discrimination between the flags. Since colors and their layouts can be quite similar between various flags, identifying them(More)
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