Vinod Kumar Singh

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This paper presents wideband E shaped MSA for high speed WLANs operating in the 5-6 GHz range. By using the slotted edge and changing the position of the probe bandwidth equal to 14.90% is achieved. The antenna is fed by coaxial probe feeding technique. The designed antenna operates in the WLAN frequency band i.e. 5.15 GHz -- 5.35 GHz and 5.725 GHz --(More)
This paper presents dual wideband microstrip antenna which is designed using stacking configuration to give a better bandwidth as compared to single layer substrate design. The designed slotted stacked patch antenna can operate in the Wimax, (2.2-3.4 GHz) WLAN (2.40--2.48GHz), and UMTS II (2.50--2.69GHz) frequency band giving a maximum bandwidth of(More)
A compact dual band patch antenna with conformal geometry is proposed. The radiating element of proposed antenna is fed by line feeding technique to achieve dual bandwidth of 46.47% (2.122-3.410GHz) & 25.77% (1.492-1.934GHz) which is suitable for Personal communication system (PCS 1.85-1.88 GHz) and IEEE 802.11b/g (2.4-2.484 GHz). The compact size and(More)