Vinod K. Lohani

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Representations suchas free-bodyand circuit diagramsare central to engineeringpractice andproficiency.Developing and using representations is an essential skill that engineering students need to learn. In this paperwe present a case study of the use of pen-based computing to improve representational literacy through dynamic knowledge construction and(More)
Although large lectures are a reality of formal learning organizations, particularly in nation’s research universities, limited research looks at how we can improve learning within them. Most learning sciences research focuses on small or medium classes or informal learning leaving a gap in our understanding of learning related issues in large lectures. In(More)
In this poster we present preliminary findings from a large scale initiative to implement Tablet PCs and related software in engineering courses at Virginia Tech. We present assessment data on the effectiveness of Tablets collected using end of semester course exit survey (N=525). The overall satisfaction with the implementation was positive as reflected in(More)
This paper discusses the development of Knowledge Maps for enhancing engineering learning. These maps are somewhat similar to concept maps, which have been widely used and developed in various areas of study. Knowledge Maps, however, extend concept maps in that they not only illustrate the underlying concepts of a discipline, but they actually embed the(More)
Hands-on learning has been utilized in engineering curriculums for several years in order to illustrate theory in a physical way. This paper presents the use of two hands-on learning activities in a first semester, freshman year engineering course designed to introduce basic concepts from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer(More)
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