Vinod Balakrishnan

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We present an adaptive robust Kalman ltering algorithm that addresses estimation problems that arise in linear time-varying systems with stochastic parametric uncertainties. The lter has the one-step predictor-corrector structure and minimizes the mean square estimation error at each step, with the minimization reduced to a convex optimization problem based(More)
Network edge packet-processing systems, as are commonly implemented on network processor platforms, are increasingly required to support a rich set of services. These multi-service systems are also subjected to widely varying and unpredictable traffic. Current network processor systems do not simultaneously deal well with a variety of services and(More)
Implementors of packet-processing applications on multi-core processors must balance two requirements: (1) adapt processor allocations dynamically to reduce the overall resource provisioning requirement for the system, achieve robustness to traffic fluctuations, and reduce energy consumption; and (2) utilize, for each application stage, resources (e.g.,(More)
Revivals of the coherent states of a deformed, adiabatically and cyclically varying oscillator Hamiltonian are examined. The revival time distribution is exactly that of Poincaré recurrences for a rotation map: only three distinct revival times can occur, with specified weights. A link is thus established between quantum revivals and recurrences in a(More)
A simple technique is used to obtain a general formula for the Berry phase (and the corresponding Hannay angle) for an arbitrary Hamiltonian with an equally-spaced spectrum and appropriate ladder operators connecting the eigenstates. The formalism is first applied to a general deformation of the oscillator involving both squeezing and displacement. Earlier(More)
We consider the motion of a test particle in a one-dimensional system of equal-mass point particles. The test particle plays the role of a microscopic "piston" that separates two hard-point gases with different concentrations and arbitrary initial velocity distributions. In the homogeneous case when the gases on either side of the piston are in the same(More)
We present some analytic, nonperturbative results for the invariant density rho(x) for noisy one-dimensional maps at fully developed chaos. Under periodic boundary conditions, the Fourier expansion method is used to show precisely how noise makes rho(x) absolutely continuous and smooths it out. Simple solvable models are used to illustrate the explicit(More)
We present a new passive model reduction algorithm based on the Laguerre expansion of the time response of interconnect networks. We derive expressions for the Laguerre coefficient matrices that minimize a weighted square of the approximation error, and show how these matrices can be computed efficiently using Krylov subspace methods. We discuss the(More)