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Recent developments in Web technology such as the inclusion of scripting languages, frames, and the growth of dynamic content, have made the process of retrieving Web content more complicated, and sometimes tedious. For example, Web browsers do not provide a method for a user to bookmark a frame-based Web site once the user navigates within the initial(More)
We present a hit inflation attack on pay-per-click Web advertising schemes. Our attack is virtually impossible for the program provider to detect conclusively, regardless of whether the provider is a third-party 'ad network' or the target of the click itself. If practiced widely, this attack could accelerate a move away from pay-per-click programs and(More)
We address the issue of design of architectures and abstractions to implement multimedia scientiic manipulation systems in a Concurrent Engineering setting , where experts in a cooperating group communicate and interact to solve problems. We propose a model for the integration of software tools into a multiuser distributed and collaborative environment on(More)
SHASTRA 1 is a collaborative distributed geometric design and manipulation environment. In this software project we consider the research and development of the next generation of software environments where multiple users (say, a collaborative engineering design team) create, share, manipulate, simulate, and visualize complex three dimensional geometric(More)
We describe the design and implementation of volume rendering algorithms in a distributed and collaborative software environment. The algorithms use the computational power of a heterogeneous cluster of workstations on a network to produce translucent or shaded images of extremely large volume data sets. Graphics functions are performed using a machine(More)
A w eb user clicks through" one web site, the refer-rer, to another web site, the target, if the user follows a hypertext link to the target's site contained in a web page served from the referrer's site. Numerous click-through payment programs have been established on the web, by which the webmaster of a target site pays a referrer site for each click(More)
While conducting a security analysis of JavaScript and VBScript, the most popular scripting languages on the Web, we found some serious aws. Motivated by this outcome, we propose steps towards a sound deenition and design of a security framework for scripting languages on the Web. We show that if such a security framework had been integrated into the(More)