Vinjamuri Janaki

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We have developed a block cipher by using modular arithmetic inverse and linear congruences. The cipher contains a key matrix called the outer key. It also includes another key, which contains a set of constants involved in the linear congruences. This key is called as inner key. The cryptanalysis carried out in this paper indicates that the cipher cannot(More)
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) belongs to a group of lymphoid neoplasms that is diverse in manner of presentation, response to therapy and prognosis. Usually the oral manifestations of NHL are secondary to a more widespread involvement throughout the body. Though primary intraoral lesions in NHL are uncommon, it is important to be aware of them, since(More)
The problem of mining frequent patterns in a static database is studied extensively in the literature by many researchers. Conventional frequent pattern algorithms are not applicable to find frequent patterns from the temporal database. Temporal database is a database which can store past, present and future information. A temporal relation may be viewed as(More)
The problem of mining frequent patterns in non-temporal databases is studied extensively. Conventional frequent pattern algorithms are not applicable to find temporal frequent items from the temporal databases. Given a reference support time sequence, the problem of mining similar temporal association patterns has been the current interest among the(More)
The problem of frequent pattern mining from non-temporal databases is studied extensively by various researchers working in areas of data mining, temporal databases and information retrieval. However, Conventional frequent pattern algorithms are not suitable to find similar temporal association patterns from temporal databases. A Temporal database is a(More)
In this paper, the major objective is to identify the intrusion using temporal pattern mining. The idea is to find the normal system call patterns and use these patterns to identify abnormal system call patterns. For finding the normal system calls we use the concept of association patterns and find the temporal association patterns. The reference sequence(More)
Spoken Language Identification is a task of recognizing the language from an unknown utterance of speech. This paper describes a text independent language recognition system using new features derived from MFCC feature of speech signal with a common code book and discrete hidden Markov models (DHMM) to achieve a very good LID recognition performance with(More)
Temporal pattern mining deals with discovering set of all temporal patterns of user interest from underlying input temporal database. The patterns which are of interest to user are to be discovered which requires scanning database repeatedly. The patterns which are not of interest to the user are called as outlier patterns. In this paper, we discover the(More)