Vinitha Reddy

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PURPOSE To determine whether keratoconus (KC) corneal fibroblast cultures have increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and are more susceptible to stress-related challenges. METHODS Normal (n = 9) and KC (n = 10) stromal fibroblast cultures were incubated in either neutral- or low-pH conditions, with or without hydrogen peroxide. Catalase(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether keratoconus (KC) corneas have more mitochondrial (mt)DNA damage than do normal corneas. METHODS Thirty-three normal corneas and 34 KC corneas were studied. Immunohistochemistry for mitochondria-encoded cytochrome c oxidase (complex IV) subunit 1 (CO-Iota) and porins was performed. Total DNA was isolated and mtDNA genome(More)
  • Vinitha Reddy, Craig Thompson, Jackson Cothren, Kyle Neumeier
  • 2007
I n this installation of Architectural Perspectives, we describe an extension of a menu-based natural language interface (MBNLI) to support geospatial queries. Our extension makes it easier for application analysts and even inexperienced users to phrase complex queries without knowing the relational database query language SQL, database schemas (table(More)
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