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The American Burn Association, Children's Burn Foundation, and Christian Medical College in Vellore, India have partnered together to improve pediatric burn care in Southern India. We report the demographics and outcomes of burns in this center, and create a benchmark to measure the effect of the partnership. A comparison to the National Burn Repository is(More)
BACKGROUND Jaggery is the non-industrial refinement of sugar cane into a sugar product. Sugar cane cultivation, harvest and refinement are central aspects of rural Indian life. METHODS We present a retrospective review of pediatric burns at a single institution in Southern India, drawing special attention to scald burns incurred when young children fall(More)
Pediatric pain is often undertreated/neglected due to time constraints, difficulties in timing of oral analgesics, fear of side effects of opioids and anxiolytics, and apprehension of additional pain in the use of local anesthetic injections. In this study, the researcher was prompted to choose rapidly acting interventions that were low dose and allowed the(More)
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