Vinitha Khambadkar

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Spatial perception is a challenging task for people who are blind due to the limited functionality and sensing range of hands. We present GIST, a wearable gestural interface that offers spatial perception functionality through the novel appropriation of the user's hands into versatile sensing rods. Using a wearable depth-sensing camera, GIST analyzes the(More)
Computer clock speeds which had been increasing tremendously over years is now slowing down and has reached its limit of saturation. In order to overcome this saturation of the clock speed, aggressively pursuing optimizations techniques are being developed to get more work done in each clock cycle in favor of parallel computing and concurrent programming.(More)
Users who are congenitally deafblind face major challenges in communicating with other people and often rely on an intervener with who they communicate with using a manual sign language. In recent years –to allow for deafblind individuals to communicate more independently– a number of haptic gloves have been developed that can recognize and/or convey manual(More)
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