Vinita Rawat

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CONTEXT Vitamin D deficiency is common in urban Indians despite living in the tropics and its public health consequences are enormous. However, 70% of India is rural, and data from rural subjects, who are expected to have good sun exposure, are scant. OBJECTIVES To determine the population prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in rural pregnant women and(More)
Concurrent resistance to antimicrobials of different classes has arisen in a multitude of bacterial species and may complicate the therapeutic management of infections, including those of the urinary tract. To assess the resistance pattern among urinary isolates of E. coli, the most prevalent pathogen contributing these infections, a retrospective in vitro(More)
Primary pulmonary sporotrichosis, a rare fungal disease was found in chronic alcoholic farmer from the sub-Himalayan region, an endemic mycoses area. Primary pulmonary sporotrichosis is a hidden entity, at times mimicking tuberculosis, and often under or lately diagnosed due to lack of awareness. We should consider the possibility of pulmonary(More)
BACKGROUND In March 2013, cases of acute hepatitis were reported from Lalkuan, Nainital district. We investigated the outbreak to identify the source of infection and to facilitate control measures. OBJECTIVES To study the distribution of hepatitis cases, to find the source of infection, and to initiate the control measures in the affected area. (More)
BACKGROUND Biofilms often colonize catheters and contribute to catheter-related septicemia. However, predictors of catheter colonization by biofilms remain poorly defined. The aim of this study was to evaluate clinical factors that may be associated with biofilm colonization of catheters. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 54 isolates colonizing the(More)
PURPOSE Candida colonization in neonates results in significant morbidity and mortality. The purpose of this study was to determine colonization of Candida spp. in preterm babies and identify the risk factors. METHODS Swabs from oral, rectum, groin and umblicus of 103 preterm and 100 term neonates were obtained within 24 hours of birth, day three, day(More)
BACKGROUND Resistance to broad spectrum beta-lactams mediated by extended spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL), AmpC, and metallobetalactamase (MBLs) enzymes are an increasing problem worldwide. The study was aimed to detect occurrence rate and to evaluate different substrates and inhibitors by disc combination method for detecting varying degree of β-lactamase(More)
be positive. Also, India being an endemic country, there are always higher chances of the patients having TB than not. We are well aware of the limitations in the study. However, we summarize that PCR using more than one primer can be considered useful in diagnosing EPTB cases. No doubt, the disadvantage of over‐ diagnosis remains but ‘benefit of doubt’(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus has become a global epidemic illness and poses a threat for development of resistant bacterial infections. AIM This study was aimed to know the bacteriological and resistance profile of isolates obtained from diabetic patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS The bacterial isolates obtained from various samples of diabetic patients(More)
UNLABELLED Carbapenems are mainstay of treating serious multidrug resistant gram-negative biofilm-based infections. However, recent emergence of metallo-beta-lactamases (MbL) producing gram-negative bacilli in different parts of world may be related to gain of virulence factors associated with biofilm production. OBJECTIVES To explore the association of(More)