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Immobilization and Kinetics of Catalase on Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles Attached Epoxy Support
A novel hybrid epoxy/nano CaCO3 composite matrix for catalase immobilization was prepared by polymerizing epoxy resin in the presence of CaCO3 nanoparticles. The hybrid support was characterizedExpand
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Electrochemical biosensor with graphene oxide nanoparticles and polypyrrole interface for the detection of bilirubin
A bilirubin biosensor was fabricated by immobilization of bilirubin oxidase (BOx) on a graphene oxide nanoparticle (GONP) decorated polypyrrole (Ppy) layer electrochemically deposited onto a fluorineExpand
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A new immobilization and sensing platform for nitrate quantification.
Nitrate reductase (NR) from Aspergillus niger was covalently coupled to the epoxy affixed gold nanoparticles (epoxy/AuNPs) with a conjugation yield of 35.40±0.01 μg/cm(2) and 93.90±0.85% retention ofExpand
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Sequence analysis and homology modeling of peroxidase from Medicago sativa
Plant peroxidases are one of the most extensively studied group of enzymes which find applications in the environment, health, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological processes. Class IIIExpand
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Purification and Analytical Application of Vigna mungo Chitinase for Determination of Total Fungal Load of Stored Cereals
AbstractA novel chitinase from urd bean (Vigna mungo) seeds was purified up to homogeneity and optimized with respect to its optimum working conditions of pH, temperature, and substrateExpand
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Physiochemical, Functional and Structural Characterization of Wheat Germin Using In silico Methods
Wheat germin, an oxal ate oxidase possesses high proteolytic and thermal stability but is poorly characterized. Three dimensional structure of wheat germin is also not available at PDB. The presentExpand
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Immobilization of nitrate reductase onto epoxy affixed silver nanoparticles for determination of soil nitrates.
Epoxy glued silver nanoparticles were used as immobilization support for nitrate reductase (NR). The resulting epoxy/AgNPs/NR conjugates were characterized at successive stages of fabrication byExpand
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Influence of copper nanoparticles on copper requiring enzyme
This study describes the influence of copper nanoparticles (CNPs) on activity and kinetic properties of a Cu2+ requiring sorghum oxalate oxidase (OxO). CNPs were synthesised by citrate-inducedExpand
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Enzymes loaded chitosan/coconut fibre/zinc oxide nanoparticles strip for polyamine determination.
Most often, the immobilized enzyme based quantification is an attractive alternative to other chromatographic, electrochemical and mass spectrometry based methods due to its specificity andExpand
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Increasing the efficiency of immobilization and chitin determination using copper oxide nanoparticles.
A novel polyurethane (PU) support with and without copper oxide nanoparticles (nCuO) was employed for immobilization of two chitinolytic enzymes, chitinase and N-acetyl β glucosaminidase (NAGase) toExpand
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