Vinit Kumar Gunjan

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In software development industry the steps towards corrective actions for successful software development process comes too late resulting in ineffectiveness, late delivery, over budget and poor quality with reduced capabilities. An early estimation towards software post-release quality can be a useful remedy to maximize the business result by shortening(More)
Cybercrime is all about the crimes in which communication channel and communication device has been used directly or indirectly as a medium whether it is a Laptop, Desktop, PDA, Mobile phones, Watches, Vehicles. The report titled “Global Risks for 2012”, predicts cyber-attacks as one of the top five risks in the World for Government and(More)
Recently 3G technology has grown rapidly and is becoming a medium of choice for communication. All elements of multimedia (text image audio and video) are used. In this era, network security has become an issue of importance, on which a lot of research is going on. This paper presents the implementation of ECC by first transforming the audio file into an(More)
Various methods of Gender classification have been reported in various papers. Gender classification is one of the fundamental face analysis task. Automated gender classification is a most significant research area. Gender classification offers several industrial applications in future like monitoring, surveillance, commercial profiling and human computer(More)
Cybercrime is all about the crimes involved with the environment where ever a network is involved and the steps implemented to control or overcome this cyber-security. The work culture of all the sectors are moving towards digitalization and cloud based systems in order to increase the work efficiency with more accuracy, In addition to this a majority of(More)
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