Vinicius Souza dos Santos

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Chronic stress, whether associated with obesity or not, leads to different neuroendocrine and psychological changes. Obesity or being overweight has become one of the most serious worldwide public health problems. Additionally, it is related to a substantial increase in daily energy intake, which results in substituting nutritionally adequate meals for(More)
Morphine has been widely used in neonatal pain management. However, this treatment may produce adaptive changes in several physiologic systems. Our laboratory has demonstrated that morphine treatment in neonate rats alters nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase (NTPDase) activity and gene expression in central nervous system structures. Considering the(More)
Obesity is a disease that has become a serious public health issue worldwide, and chronic stressors, which are a problem for modern society, cause neuroendocrine changes with alterations in food intake. Obesity and chronic stress are associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders. In this study, a rat model was used to(More)
In order to improve software quality and reduce costs and deadlines, many companies are adopting Software Product Line approaches. As a consequence of globalization, another common practice is the adoption of Global Software Development approaches, which seek to find more qualified workforce and more attractive costs in companies distributed around the(More)
It is know that repeated exposure to opiates impairs spatial learning and memory and that the hippocampus has important neuromodulatory effects after drug exposure and withdrawal symptoms. Thus, the aim of this investigation was to assess hippocampal levels of BDNF, oxidative stress markers associated with cell viability, and TNF-α in the short, medium and(More)
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