Vinicius H. Ferreira

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We have previously demonstrated that activation of kappa-opioid receptor located in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) of rats induces a significantly greater TMJ antinociception in diestrus females than in proestrus females (higher estradiol serum levels than diestrus) and males. These findings indicate that gonadal hormones decrease TMJ kappa-mediated(More)
This paper presents an automatic method to extract domain specific non-taxonomic relations from previously processed Brazilian Portuguese corpora. The proposed method is detailed and exemplified through a five corpora experiment. The obtained relations can be visualized and handled through an intuitive web interface and the results were evaluated by an(More)
The commercial and industrial sectors have come up against paradigm changes that concern the need for improving their activities, in order to develop processes with less environmental impact, sustainable and energy-efficient, aiming at reducing energy consumption. Technologies based on renewable sources for power generation, such as solar and wind, have(More)
With the recent technological development, projects relating to renewable generation and Smart Grids are spreading. This paper presents some results of systems installed on the Smart City Búzios project with electric energy quality aspects comments. There will be illustrated and discussed information collected in local measurements conducted in(More)
The deployment of smart metering in Brazil is still initial and various technological and social issues need to be discussed before the decision on how the vast meter park should be. The purpose of this study is to analyze smart meters on the perspective of each side interested in its adoption in the Brazilian electric sector. We analyze the comprehensive(More)
With technological developments and the appeal for rational use of electricity, new equipment was developed to promote a change in the relationship between consumers and power utility companies. The introduction of smart meters and the development and improvement of new sources of power generation near of energy consumption point, become the customer in an(More)
Ontology construction is a complex process composed by extraction tasks for domain concepts, as well as taxonomic and non-taxonomic relations among concepts. The extraction of non-taxonomic relations is the most neglected task, specially for Portuguese texts. Therefore, this paper presents a proposal for extracting non-taxonomic relations from Portuguese(More)
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