Vinicius Flores da Silva

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Five pilot-scale steam explosion pretreatments of sugarcane bagasse followed by alkaline delignification were explored. The solubilised lignin was precipitated with 98% sulphuric acid. Most of the pentosan (82.6%), and the acetyl group fractions were solubilised during pretreatment, while 90.2% of cellulose and 87.0% lignin were recovered in the solid(More)
The absolute structure of the chiral asymmetric indole precursor title compound, C11H13NO3S, was confirmed by refinement of the Flack and Hooft parameters and is that expected based on the starting materials for the synthesis. The phenyl group subtends a dihedral angle of 56.40 (5)° with the mean plane of the oxazolidinone ring, which adopts an envelope(More)
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