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Intermittency in fluid turbulence can be evidentiated through the analysis of Probability Distribution Functions (PDF) for velocity fluctuations, which display a strong non–gaussian behavior at small scales. In this paper we investigate the occurrence of intermittency in plasma turbulence by studying the departure from the gaussian distribution of PDF for(More)
A statistical analysis of the anomalous particle flux in the edge region of the RFX experiment has revealed that laminar times between bursts, which account for more than 50% of the losses, have a power law distribution and that flux fluctuations are not self-similar. These properties are found in contrast with a wide class of self-organized-criticality(More)
The ITER neutral beam injectors are the first injectors to be designed to operate under conditions and constraints similar to those that will be encountered with a fusion reactor. The injectors will use a single large ion source and accelerator that will produce 40 A D(-) 1 MeV beams for pulse lengths of up to 3600 s. The accelerated ion beams will be(More)
RFX has been recently modified to improve its capability of controlling different MHD phenomena by means of fast, feedback controlled amplifiers and distributed radial field inductors. The paper, after summarizing the principal results obtained in the past by means of active control of magnetic fields in RFX, describes the recent modifications to the(More)
Coherent structures identified in two reversed field pinch experiments are interpreted as a dynamic balance of dipolar and monopolar vortices growing and evolving under the effect of the ExB flow shear. For the first time their contribution to the anomalous transport has been estimated in fusion related plasmas, showing that they can account for up to 50%(More)
In order to test the self-organized criticality (SOC) paradigm in transport processes, a novel technique has been applied for the first time to plasmas confined in reversed field pinch configuration. This technique consists of an analysis of the probability distribution function of the times between bursts in density fluctuations measured by microwave(More)
Turbulent structures detected in the edge plasma of fusion devices, often described as blobs, are generally believed to be responsible for confinement degradation. Recent experimental evidence and theories have suggested their filamentary electromagnetic nature. In this Letter the first direct experimental measurements of the parallel current density(More)
Even though modeling and solving multiagent scheduling problems seem completely understood and several algorithms can be found in the literature, one limitation still stands up: How to find a compatible time slot for an activity shared by many users without requiring the users themselves to spend time going through their calendar and choosing time slots(More)
A scheme of a neutral beam injector (NBI), based on electrostatic acceleration and magneto-static deflection of negative ions, is proposed and analyzed in terms of feasibility and performance. The scheme is based on the deflection of a high energy (2 MeV) and high current (some tens of amperes) negative ion beam by a large magnetic deflector placed between(More)
Neutral Beam Injectors (NBIs), which need to be strongly optimized in the perspective of DEMO reactor, request a thorough understanding of the negative ion source used and of the multi-beamlet optics. A relatively compact radio frequency (rf) ion source, named NIO1 (Negative Ion Optimization 1), with 9 beam apertures for a total H(-) current of 130 mA, 60(More)