Vinicio Danilo Armijos Jaramillo

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The genus Colletotrichum contains a large number of phytopathogenic fungi that produce enormous economic losses around the world. The effect of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) has not been studied yet in these organisms. Inter-Kingdom HGT into fungal genomes has been reported in the past but knowledge about the HGT between plants and fungi is particularly(More)
Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) is the stable transmission of genetic material between organisms by means other than vertical inheritance. HGT has an important role in the evolution of prokaryotes but is relatively rare in eukaryotes. HGT has been shown to contribute to virulence in eukaryotic pathogens. We studied the importance of HGT in plant pathogenic(More)
The Colletotrichum plant-like subtilisins (CPLSs) are a family of proteins found only in species of the phytopathogenic fungus Colletotrichum. CPLSs have high similarity to plant subtilisins and our previous work has shown that they were acquired by an ancient horizontal gene transfer event from plants. The rapid growth of sequence data in public databases(More)
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