Vini Malik

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The competition between collective quantum phases in materials with strongly correlated electrons depends sensitively on the dimensionality of the electron system, which is difficult to control by standard solid-state chemistry. We have fabricated superlattices of the paramagnetic metal lanthanum nickelate (LaNiO(3)) and the wide-gap insulator lanthanum(More)
We report a case of spontaneous rupture of the lens capsule in a woman with hypermature cataract, who presented to us with nucleus dislocation in the posterior chamber of her left eye. The capsule had ruptured inferiorly and the nucleus had slided out of it. The anterior chamber was quiet; and no sign of uveitis was noted. She underwent nucleus extraction(More)
Fluorescein isothiocyanate-labelled Na-G-penicillin was applied to the intact dura of 11 rats and the cortical layers were determined to which this epileptogenic substance must penetrate for electrophysiologically demonstrable focal activity to be induced. In 10 animals labelled penicillin was demonstrated in cortical layers I--III and in one animal in(More)
Localization of the tip of the recording microelectrode with Pontamine Sky Blue 6BX introduced into the tissue iontophoretically was used to study the relationship of the morphological type of the neurone to a given type of elecrographic activity during the epileptic focal discharge. Paroxysmal depolarization shifts (PDSs) and short bursts of spikes in the(More)
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