Vinh Tan Nguyen

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We propose an automatic algorithm for the reconstruction of patient-specific cardiac mesh models with 1-to-1 vertex correspondence. In this framework, a series of 3D meshes depicting the endocardial surface of the heart at each time step is constructed, based on a set of border delineated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data of the whole cardiac cycle. The(More)
We propose an automatic algorithm for the reconstruction of a set of patient-specific dynamic cardiac mesh model with 1-to-1 mesh correspondence over the whole cardiac cycle. This work focus on both the reconstruction technique of the initial 3D model of the heart and also the consistent mapping of the vertex positions throughout all the 3D meshes. This(More)
— Shock capturing has been a challenge for computational fluid dynamicists over the years. This article deals with discontinuous Galerkin method to solve the hyperbolic equations in which solutions may develop discontinuities in finite time. The high order discontinuous Galerkin method combining the basis of finite volume and finite element methods has(More)
— The discontinuities in the solutions of systems of conservation laws are widely considered as one of the difficulties in numerical simulation. A numerical method is proposed for solving these partial differential equations with discontinuities in the solution. The method is able to track these sharp disconti-nuities or interfaces while still fully(More)
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