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Traffic-related air pollution is associated with increased mortality and morbidity, yet few studies have examined strategies to reduce individual exposure while commuting. The present study aimed to quantify how choice of mode and route type affects personal exposure to air pollutants during commuting. We analyzed within-person difference in exposures to(More)
There has been growing interest in location-based services and indoor localization in recent years. While several smartphone based indoor localization techniques have been proposed, these techniques have many shortcomings related to accuracy and consistency. These prior efforts also ignore energy consumption analysis which is a crucial quality metric in(More)
— Voice is a very compelling natural interface for mobile computing devices. However, mobile operating system speech solutions (e.g., Siri, Google Voice Search) are platform-specific, making their integration within an enterprise environment difficult due to the lack of uniformity in the user experience as well as concerns over privacy and confidentiality.(More)
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