Vinesh N Shenoi

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Gold nanoparticles are recently having much attention because of their increased applications in biomedical fields. In this paper, we demonstrated the photothermal efficacy of citrate capped gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) for the destruction of A431 cancer cells. Citrate capped AuNPs were synthesized successfully and characterized by UV-visible-NIR(More)
AIMS Hydrazones belonging to the class of NNO donor Schiff bases are reported to have extensive anti-viral activity and anti-neoplastic activity against certain cancers such as colon cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma and testicular cancer. Here we aim to study the possible effects of two novel nicotinoyl hydrazones on Human papillomavirus (HPV) infected(More)
In this study, we investigate the effect of local adaptation to developmental density on male mating success in laboratory populations of Drosophila melanogaster. Mating success is known to be influenced by body condition which can in turn be influenced by local adaptation. We test the hypothesis that males adapted to a given environment have higher mating(More)
In holometabolous animals such as Drosophila melanogaster, larval crowding can affect a wide range of larval and adult traits. Adults emerging from high larval density cultures have smaller body size and increased mean life span compared to flies emerging from low larval density cultures. Therefore, adaptation to larval crowding could potentially affect(More)
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