Vineeta Agarwal

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Modular Multilevel Converter is a widely accepted technology for HVDC applications. It consists of several sub-modules or cells connected in cascade. These are bidirectional chopper cells and each one of them has a floating capacitor. This paper discusses the modulation and voltage balancing strategies which are essential for the converter to work as(More)
A photovoltaic (PV) cell connected to the grid system has been modeled in MATLAB environment. Various characteristics have been plotted with changing atmospheric condition. An operating point at which photovoltaic cell exhibits maximum efficiency and generates maximum power is tracked by, a method called voltage Based Maximum Power Point tracking (VMPPT).(More)
This paper proposes a direct single stage, single-phase to three-phase cycloinverter using self commutated semiconductor devices. In many instances cost of providing three phase service to rural remote areas is prohibitive due to higher installation cost of three phase extension. Single Phase to Three Phase Converter (SPTPC) is an excellent and cost(More)
Combining concept of cyclo-converter and cyclo-inverter, a generalized frequency converter has been developed where undesirable harmonic components are minimized using nonsinusoidal carrier-based PWM, which is a trapezoidal pulsewidth modulation technique. The study begins by establishing a model of frequency converter to obtain the firing sequence for(More)
This paper proposes a novel power electronic application, which is an IGBT-based frequency converter that performs the function of both cycloconverter and cycloinverter by changing the 2-b input parameter. It finds its application in speed control of induction motor, induction heating, fluorescent lighting, ballast, high-frequency power supplies, and so(More)
This paper presents application of G.A. to find out the topology of different A.N.N. techniques for the control of Robot. The neural network is trained for the inverse kinematics by providing it with a random data set of the manipulator spread over its workspace. Neural Networks have been used due to the inherent limitations of the conventional techniques(More)
Stair-case modulation technique, generally applied in multilevel inverter is now applied in AC to AC converter for reducing harmonics in the output for both cyclo-inverters as well as for cyclo-converter mode. Simulation results are shown for single-phase to single-phase matrix converter configuration using SIMULINK software. A relation has been obtained(More)
SiC Power MOSFETs show a tremendous potential for high voltage, high temperature, high-power and high-frequency power electronic applications. A simplified SPICE model is proposed for the SiC Power MOSFET, CMF20120D, based on the understanding of the power MOSFET discrete devices terminal behavior. The aim of the model development is to reuse the available(More)
Abstract This paper proposes a novel, power electronics system, an IGBT based Cyclo-Inverter, capable of converting power at the main frequency to a higher frequency. It finds its application in induction heating, fluorescent lighting, ballast, high frequency power supplies and so many other applications where high frequency reduces the size of equipment. A(More)