Vineet Trivedi

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A toxicological study was performed in albino mice and rat with methanolic extract and isolated alkaloid of Taxus baccata Linn. (family: Taxaceae). LD(50) study showed the higher toxic activity in stem (TXA-1,2,3) as compared with leaf (TXB-1,2,3) extract. As the extract were further fractionated into crude alkaloids and purified by chromatography the(More)
Katphala or Kaiphala, botanically equated with plant Myrica esculenta Buch. - Ham., is an important bark drug of Indian systems of medicine. It is one of the plant species, which are under imminent danger of extinction from U. P. Himalayas. Since, no pharmacognostic study on this drug is on record, the present investigations has been undertaken. In this(More)
Wireless LAN, in the current state of the world, has become ubiquitous. Therefore it is imperative to safeguard this technology, which otherwise could prove disastrous. Compromised WLANs, have the potential to leave the user susceptible to a plethora of unfavorable situations. In the following paper it is attempted to make wireless networks more easily(More)
The drain current model of symmetrical Underlap DGMOSFET is evaluated for subthreshold region. Model data is verified with simulation data for validation of the proposed model. For validation the drain current is evaluated with respect to gate to source potential. The drain current is calculated with variation of gate length, underlap length and silicon(More)
Polyhedral formulations based on Rasayana therapy described in Charaka Samhita showed remarkable improvement in quality of life of various cancer patients who have been found to be refractory or poor responders to modern chemotherapy and radiation treatment. One of the most recent novel herbomineral preparation, Las01 prepared absolutely as per the(More)
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