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PURPOSE A wiki is a collaborative Web site, such as Wikipedia, that can be freely edited. Because of a wiki's lack of formal editorial control, we hypothesized that the content would be less complete and accurate than that of a professional peer-reviewed Web site. In this study, the coverage, accuracy, and readability of cancer information on Wikipedia were(More)
Cross-sectional imaging of acute abdominal conditions encompasses a broad differential diagnosis, including traumatic, inflammatory, and infectious etiologies. In addition, an underappreciated contributor to the acute abdomen is oncologic disease and its treatment. Oncologic patients are at increased risk in the development of numerous acute abdominal(More)
Lymphatic filariasis is the most common cause of acquired lymphedema worldwide (Szuba and Rockson, 1998). It is endemic to tropical and subtropical regions, and its effects are devastating. With over 100 million infected persons, it ranks second only to leprosy as the leading cause of permanent and long-term disability. Wuchereria bancrofti is the etiologic(More)
Cyamella, an accessory sesamoid ossicle of the popliteus in the region of the proximal myotendinous junction, is an extremely unusual finding, with a paucity of current published literature describing its MR appearance. In this case study, we describe MRI findings in a 44-year-old female presenting with pain after a stretching workout. Bone edema in the(More)
The complexity of a natural language itself is very challenging as the natural language is not free from ambiguity problem. It is almost impossible to identify that the given text is having sense or not. In today's scenario it becomes even much important to detect that input is given by human or a machine. A valid input with sense is needed everywhere from(More)
Recent studies have advocated the utility of fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography (18)F-FDG-PET imaging in evaluation of various hematological disorders. We report a case of a 61-year-old man with clinical suspicion of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD) where (18)F-FDG-PET/CT (computerized tomography) was helpful in(More)
Facial expression recognition is an interesting and challenging problem, and found in many applications like human-computer interaction (HCI), robotics, video surveillance, border security, clinical research, person verification, crime prevention etc.. Facial expression is the movement of the muscles beneath the skin of the face. Through facial expressions(More)
Ear biometric recognition is used in a lot of applications as person identification in criminal cases, investigation, and security purpose. Feature optimization stage has an important role for accuracy of correct recognition. Gabor filter have a problem of high dimension and high redundancy. Sampling filter is a problem of not reducing features optimum way.(More)
A wireless sensor network is a group of sensors heavily distributed in the desired area. There are constraints of energy, distance, mobility etc while dealing in WSN. As we know that randomized algorithms are the best average case providing algorithms so there come the concept of LEACH which is a very well known algorithm in WSN. Wireless sensor networks(More)