Vineet Gopal

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We investigate small-world networks from the point of view of their origin. While the characteristics of small-world networks are now fairly well understood, there is as yet no work on what drives the emergence of such a network architecture. In situations such as neural or transportation networks, where a physical distance between the nodes of the network(More)
We describe a resonator-based optical gyroscope whose sensitivity for measuring absolute rotation is enhanced via use of the anomalous dispersion characteristic of superluminal light propagation. The enhancement is given by the inverse of the group index, saturating to a bound determined by the group velocity dispersion. We also show how the offsetting(More)
Current proposals focusing on neutral atoms for quantum computing are mostly based on using single atoms as quantum bits (qubits), while using cavity induced coupling or dipole–dipole interaction for two-qubit operations. An alternative approach is to use atomic ensembles as quantum bits. However, when an atomic ensemble is excited, by a laser beam matched(More)
In this paper we develop an optimal cache-oblivious data structure that solves the iterated predecessor problem. Given k static sorted length-n lists L1, L2,. .. , L k and a query value q, the iterated predecessor problem is to find the largest element in each list which is less than q. Our solution to this problem, called " range coalescing " , requires(More)
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