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The response amplitude in the chorda tympani proper nerve of rats to taste stimulation has been studied at different times after interruption of the nerve in the middle ear. The results show that the reponse in the nerve declined and disappeared completely within 15 h after the nerve was interrupted. As a first sign of deteriorating function a stage of(More)
The effects of aspirin and sodium salicylate on the taste response in the chorda tympani proper nerve have been studied during stimulation of the taste receptors in rats with salty, sweet, sour and bitter-tasting solutions. Three methods of administering the drugs were used: locally on the tongue, intravenously into one femoral vein and intraarterially(More)
While many essential cryptographic primitives have sound theoretical constructions and associated implementations, their security guarantees do not always hold in practice. We find that these security flaws do not usually exist in the libraries themselves, but instead in how developers use these libraries. We select the most popular cryptographic libraries(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY The present study was aimed to evaluate the anti-arthritic effects of silver nanoparticles synthesised using Piper nigrum extract and to further establish its mechanism of action in a rat model of adjuvant induced arthritis (AA). MATERIALS AND METHODS Adjuvant arthritis was induced by injecting complete Freund's adjuvant (0.1mL) into the(More)
The gustatory activity of the chorda tympani proper nerve has been recorded before and after the application of gymnemic acid to the tongue of hamster and rat. Concentrations of pure gymnemic acid ranging from 1 mg/ml to 10 mg/ml have been used. In the hamster gymnemic acid suppressed the response to solutions of sucrose especially, but it also caused, at(More)
The author hereby grants to MIT permission to reproduce and to distribute publicly paper and electronic copies of this thesis document in whole or in part in any medium now known or hereafter created. Abstract This work presents PhysioMiner, a large scale machine learning and analytics framework for physiological waveform mining. It is a scalable and(More)
In this paper we develop an optimal cache-oblivious data structure that solves the iterated predecessor problem. Given k static sorted length-n lists L1, L2,. .. , L k and a query value q, the iterated predecessor problem is to find the largest element in each list which is less than q. Our solution to this problem, called " range coalescing " , requires(More)