Vineet Dabas

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An anterior tibial artery pseudoaneurysm is a rare and unexpected complication of Steinmann pin insertion. We describe the case of an 18-year-old boy, who sustained such an injury to the anterior tibial artery during this procedure. Diagnosis was confirmed on a magnetic resonance (MR) angiogram. Aneurysmal sac excision with lateral repair of the vessel wall(More)
INTRODUCTION Dupatta (scarf) is a part of the traditional dress for females in the Indian subcontinent. Working near machinery, riding a motorcycle or cyclerickshaw, can result in entanglement of dupatta in moving parts of machinery and subsequent cervical spine injury. It is seen most commonly in rural areas, with farmyard equipment. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
We assessed the effect of an early transfer of pronator teres to extensor carpi radialis brevis on hand function in patients with high radial nerve paralysis. Power grip and precision grip were measured preoperatively and postoperatively using a dynamometer. Fifteen patients were operated on, of which ten could be assessed at the end of 6 months. At 6(More)
Late rupture of extensor pollicis longus (EPL) tendon after Galeazzi fracture dislocation fixation is an unknown entity though it is a well-established complication following distal radius fractures. We report the case of a 55-year old male who presented with late EPL tendon rupture 4 months following internal fixation of Galeazzi fracture dislocation with(More)
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