Vincenzo de Cupis

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INTRODUCTION Distal biceps tendon rupture is a relatively rare injury. It commonly occurs in the dominant extremity of middle-aged men during an excessive eccentric tension as the arm is forced from a flexed position, while it is rarely observed during sport activities. Many techniques, including non-operative and surgical option, have been described for(More)
Primary synovial chondromatosis is an uncommon condition, and involvement of the glenohumeral joint is rare. Currently, the recommended treatment is arthroscope-assisted synovectomy and removal of the loose bodies. We report a case with the clinical findings, radiographic features, arthroscopic technique for treatment of this disease and the main(More)
This study evaluated mid-term functional results of the Grammont inverted prosthesis for the treatment of shoulder osteoarthritis associated with massive cuff rupture. Twenty-eight patients with a minimum of 6 years of follow-up were evaluated. Clinical evaluation was performed on all patients preoperatively and at follow-up using the Constant score.(More)
Latissimus dorsi transfer is our preferred treatment for active disabled patients with a posterosuperior massive cuff tear. We present an arthroscopically assisted technique which avoids an incision through the deltoid obtaining a better and faster clinical outcome. The patient is placed in lateral decubitus. After the arthroscopic evaluation of the lesion(More)
Shoulder pain is a common clinical problem with different etiologies. Without a specific diagnosis, treatment could be ineffective, causing functional limitation, chronic pain and atrophy. US and MRI allow in many cases to correctly define the different etiologies causing shoulder pain, often due to rotator cuff conditions. From June to September 1992,(More)
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