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DOTSEVEN is an ambitious research project aiming at pushing the limits of SiGe HBT technology, modeling, circuits, and systems towards mm- and sub-mm wave applications. The project with a 12.3 M€ total funding and a duration of 45 months started in late 2012 and has been sponsored by the European Commission. This paper gives an overview on the(More)
We present hot-carrier degradation analysis for SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors based on deterministic solutions of the Boltzmann transport equations for a coupled system of electrons and holes. The full-band transport model provides the distribution function of the charge carriers interacting with the passivated Si-H bonds along the(More)
The thermal behavior of trench-isolated bipolar transistors is thoroughly analyzed. Detailed 3-D numerical simulations are performed to investigate the impact of all technological parameters of interest. A novel strategy to analytically evaluate the temperature field is proposed, which is based on the reduction of the domain under analysis to a simplified(More)
Aluminum nitride heatspreaders are demonstrated to provide a large reduction of the thermal resistance of silicon-on-glass bipolar junction transistors. 3-D thermal-only simulations are performed to show the further benefit that can be achieved by combining deposited aluminum-nitride layers as heatspreaders with copper heatsinks. Compared to a reference(More)
This paper presents an accurate, yet computationally effective, 3-D simulation strategy devised for the UIS analysis of multicellular power transistors, which accounts for electrothermal effects and is based on a circuit representation of the whole device under test. The approach is exploited to examine the correlation between the shape of the avalanche(More)
The TCAD infrastructure developed within the DOTFIVE project [1] is described. The hierarchical TCAD platform includes different Boltzmann equation solvers as well as simulators based on the widely used drift-diffusion and hydrodynamic transport models. In the latter case, accurate physical models were generated. The TCAD platform is used to explore the(More)
Calibrated 3-D numerical simulations are employed to quantify the influence of design parameters like emitter area, aspect ratio, distance to trenches, and thickness of AlN heatspreaders on the thermal transient behavior of silicon-on-glass (SOG) bipolar transistors. A larger silicon island enclosed in the trenches reduces the thermal resistance at the(More)