Vincenzo Vitagliano

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s [ N s 1 ; Intradiffusion coefficients of sodium alkylsulfonates [CH3– CH2)n21SO3 2 Na, CnSNa] (n 5 5–9, 11) in mixtures with heavy ater were measured by the PGSE-NMR technique at 25°C. A lope change in the experimental trends permits the determination f the critical micelle concentration (CMC). In the micellar comosition range, solubilized TMS molecules(More)
The interaction in aqueous solution between either the normal block copolymer poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide): Pluronic PE6200 [(EO)(11)-(PO)(28)-(EO)(11)], or the reverse block copolymer poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide): Pluronic 25R4 [(PO)(19)-(EO)(33)-(PO)(19)] and the surfactants sodium(More)
The backreaction of inhomogeneities on the cosmic dynamics is studied in the context of scalar-tensor gravity. Due to terms of indefinite sign in the non-canonical effective energy tensor of the Brans–Dicke-like scalar field, extra contributions to the cosmic acceleration can arise. Brans–Dicke and metric f(R) gravity are presented as specific examples.(More)
During the last twenty years diffusion coefficients have been primarily measured by light scattering and NMR techniques. Optical interferometric techniques, such as those of Gouy or Rayleigh (ref. 1). allowing direct observation of the time evolution of a diffusing boundary are not very popular at present. However, they are the only ones that give a(More)
Apparent molar relative enthalpies were measured for the nonionic ethoxylated surfactant CH(3)-(CH(2))(5)-(OCH(2)-CH(2))(5)OH (C(6)E(5)) in aqueous solution at constant molality of the ionic surfactant CH(3)-(CH(2))(5)-SO(-)(3)Na(+)(C(6)SNa) at 25 degrees C. The experimental data obtained by a stepwise dilution process allowed evaluation of the C(6)E(5)(More)
We discuss the combined effect of magnetic fields and geometry in interacting fermionic systems. At leading order in the heat-kernel expansion, the infrared singularity (that in flat space leads to the magnetic catalysis) is regulated by the chiral gap effect, and the catalysis is deactivated by the effect of the scalar curvature. We discover that an(More)
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), dynamic light scattering (DLS), and turbidity measurements have been used to study the effect of sodium decylsulfate, C10OS, on 1,2-dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine, DPPC, vesicles. DSC measurements, performed soon after addition of C10OS solutions to DPPC vesicular dispersion, at several C10OS/DPPC molar ratios,(More)
t Isothermal mutual diffusion coefficients (D) have been meaured for binary aqueous solutions of sodium alkylsulfonates at 5°C. The diffusion coefficient values drop as the concentration of icelles in the system increases. As the length of the hydrocarbon hain increases, the observed drop in D becomes increasingly harp and shifts to lower concentrations.(More)