Vincenzo Vecchio

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Designing and developing location-aware portable software applications is challenging, since most location-estimation methods i) require non-standard features either in the mobile terminal or in the network infrastructure, and ii) they are specifically designed for either indoor or outdoor. Moreover, installing and tuning systems that rely on such location(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of short-term dietary intake of bread obtained by a selected variety of old grain grown in Tuscany, Italy on some parameters related to the atherosclerotic process. Twenty healthy subjects (median age, 39.5 years) followed for 10 weeks a diet containing bread (150 g/day) made from the test grain (test(More)
Ubiquitous computing is rapidly emerging as a framework for deploying mobile and context-aware applications. We focus on a new approach, and the resulting architecture, for implementing positioning services over ubiquitous infrastructures. Our driving idea is to estimate zones where mobile devices operate measuring the power level of wireless communications(More)
BACKGROUND The present study was aimed at examining the effect of tuber mineral composition, distinctive for geographical location, on the expression of acrylamide precursors in three potato genotypes (Arinda, Rossa di Cetica and Sieglinde) in three Italian potato cultivation regions (Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany). RESULTS Sucrose and amino acids were not(More)
The provisioning of multimedia services with guaranteed Quality-of-Service (QoS) is currently an important research issue in computer engineering, especially in the networking and information management areas. In this paper, we concentrate on the QoS-based provisioning of discovery and delivery services of multimedia resources in the educational application(More)
The biological age difference among twins is frequently an issue in studies of genetic influence on various dental features, particularly dental development. The timing of dental development is a crucial issue also for many clinicians and researchers. The aim of this study was therefore to verify within groups of twins how dental development differs, by(More)
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