Vincenzo Prisco

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A retrospective analysis of data from patients receiving daptomycin as outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) within the European Cubicin Outcomes Registry and Experience (EU-CORE(SM)) was performed. Of 4592 enrolled patients in 15 countries, 550 (12%) received daptomycin OPAT. Of these, 149 (27%) received daptomycin without hospital admission,(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate post-marketing efficacy and safety data for therapy with daptomycin (DAP) in Italy. Data from patients treated with DAP at 30 centres between January 2006 and July 2009 were analysed according to the protocol of the EU-CORE(SM). In 359 patients, DAP was most commonly prescribed for skin and skin-structure infections(More)
INTRODUCTION Purpose of the study was to analyze the quality of life and psychiatric symptomatology in patients suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. METHODS In this study were enrolled 108 patients: 67 cases (Ulcerative Colitis in 39 patients, Crohn's Disease in 28 cases) and 41 controls (patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Patients(More)
Blood dyscrasias excluding agranulocytosis received limited attention in antipsychotic-treated patients during the first 18 weeks of therapy, although severe clinical conditions have been reported in a few cases. We extracted data records of 285 Caucasian patients after 18 weeks of antipsychotic treatments to investigate risk factors of blood dyscrasias. We(More)
Anecdotal evidence tends to suggest clozapine treatment as a cause of leucocytosis in schizophrenic patients, however, no conclusive evidence is available on this topic. We report the clinical cases of two schizophrenic men who were diagnosed with clozapine-related leucocytosis. The clozapine treatment was performed at a dose between 200 and 400 mg/day.(More)
Clozapine-related pericarditis is a rare side effect of the drug. We reported the clinical cases of two women, aged 22 and 28 years, affected by schizophrenia with pericarditis symptoms related to clozapine treatment of 200 mg/day. Clozapine was discontinued in both patients, resulting in normalization of the ECG changes, and echocardiography confirmed the(More)
OBJECTIVE Monitoring drug-related side effects in psychiatric patients is highly recommended. In fact, frequent exposure to long-term polipharmacotherapy, poor compliance to pharmachological treatment and comorbidity with organic illnesses requiring the prescription of other drugs are causes of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic interactions. These(More)
The authors, after examining a clinical case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, associated to Pica syndrome, analyse psychopathological development of the symptomatology in its complex, refuting some statements of published studies, that include Pica within obsessive-compulsive disorder spectrum. On the contrary, they think the coexistence of the two(More)
The effects of olanzapine and haloperidol on metabolic parameters in bipolar patients have been evaluated much less comprehensively than in schizophrenic patients. Therefore, in this study, medical records of 343 schizophrenic and bipolar patients treated with haloperidol or olanzapine for 1 year were retrospectively reviewed and metabolic outcomes were(More)
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